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Upcoming Live Programs

  1. Scaffolding as a pedagogy

  2. Tool - Thinglink and its features

  1. Lesson plan components

  2. Tool - Nearpod and its features

Upcoming Live Bootcamps

  1. Identify the steps of content creation for storyboarding

  2. Explore tools for storyboarding

  3. Create Storyboards

  1. Use Edtech tools like a pro

  2. Hook your learners with Menti & Polls

  3. Use Phet labs & Nerpod to teach

  4. Make assessmnt fun with Kahoot & quizizz

  1. Create sharp and fun Videos

  2. Use effects & transitions

  3. Easily edit and publish your videos

  1. Define the process of Design Thinking

  2. Identify the importance of human centered design thinking

  3. Experience the design thinking process

  4. Apply to a real scenario

Past Live Programs

Portfolio - An Assessment Tool

Ethical Content Development

Canva: All-In-One Tool for Educators

Creating Worksheet on MS Word

Tools to boost creative quotient

Communication Strategies for Educators

Learning a New Language - French

Importance of Global Perspective in Education

Being an Emotionally Intelligent Educator

भाषा कौशल और उनका शिक्षण

Tool for Collaboration - Padlet

Open Educational Resource for Educators

Gamification of Learning

Visualize math in your classroom with Geogebra

Learn Coding for Teachers

Interactives using Classpoint

Self-Appraisal for Educators

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