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Listening Skills -The Karmas (Part 2)


Teachers, Content Developers, Academic Coordinators, English Teachers (Middle and High), 


It is rightly said that communication is a two-way street. Yet, the most ignored skill by educators is that of Listening in the teaching of English and the focus remains on speaking or reading and writing.

Listening is the backbone of effective communication, which is listed as a 21st-century skill. Listening also ensures efficiency in transversal skills like teamwork, decision making, and negotiation. Hence, all education boards have listed objectives for inculcating listening skills, in their curriculum documents wherein different sub-skills are introduced at different levels. Moreover, all high stakes qualifying exams for proficiency in English mandate qualifying a listening skills test segment.

In order to address the challenge of inculcating this skill, it becomes important, for an educator, to know the principles, process, stages, types of tasks & creation involved in addressing the inculcation of this skill in a classroom situation.

Therefore, it becomes important that educators, especially, teachers of English, remain informed and skilled at helping children inculcate this very important skill.

This is 'Part-2' which talks about the 'Karma' task creation and its inculcation in your classroom.

Part-1 is on 12th June 2021. To register for both the sessions click here:

Program Outcomes

  • What Will I Learn?
    1. Select suitable stimulants for different sub-skills
    2. Create types of tasks suitable to different sub-skills
    3. Create pre & post-listening tasks

  • How Will I use it?
    1. Meet the prescribed course objectives
    2. Fulfil requirements for sub-enrichment(as mandated)
    3. Create your own materials in accordance with your requirements

  • What Difference will it make in my life?
    1. Create innovative and engaging resources for the learners
    2. Satisfaction of creating materials that are highly relevant as per class level/ student needs/ topic
    3. Meeting curricular objectives while integrating created task

How can you create various listening tasks? Join this program to get this answer and more details on application of listening skills.
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