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Introduction to Mutual Fund Investing | SEBI's Investor Awareness Program


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SEBI is conducting Pro Bono "Investor Awareness Programs" on Introduction to Securities Markets in India. This helps Investors understand the various avenues of Investment, the concepts, approach, and difference in the risk and return of different asset classes. Empowering the investor with the knowledge to evaluate different financial products and make informed decisions. This can help in better investment and retirement planning and goal setting. They will also understand their rights and responsibilities as an Investor.

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Program Outcomes

  • What Will I Learn?
    1. Understanding what is a Mutual Fund/ AMC
    2. Assesing one's risk vs return profile - Portfolio creation
    3. Investment modes in mutual funds (growth/dividend/ SIP/STP/SWP/ Factsheets/ Riskometer

  • How Will I use it?
    1. Set your financial goals and choose your asset allocation.
    2. Understand how basic financial discipline can make you grow your wealth.
    3. Understand where-what-how and who of Financial markets

  • What Difference will it make in my life?
    1. Investors will be able to build financial acumen.
    2. Make investors informed about their purchases, transactions, affairs of the companies/ funds they have invested in, what tools and techniques can help in efficient investment planning

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