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NEP,2020 and SDG4 seek inclusive and equitable education for all. Every learner irrespective of his/her diverse learning capacities should be welcomed and engaged as per their best capabilities. This course explores different tools to gamify class assessments which are based on VAK (Visual, Aesthetic, and Kinetics) model. The learner will gain working knowledge of these tools and will receive sample formats to understand them.

Program Outcomes

  • What Will I Learn?
    1. Evaluate the role of Gamification in Education and explore its various dimensions.
    2. Gain insight into various internationally acclaimed assessment tools.
    3. Use the assessment tools to ensure meaningful participation of each learner

  • How Will I use it?
    1. Design assessments based on VAK learning principles.
    2. Use ideas from the sample lessons to assess learners in a more inclusive manner
    3. Create a pool of gamified assessment tools to foster engaged learning in classrooms.

  • What Difference will it make in my life?
    1. Transform yourself from being a teacher to a mentor
    2. Be your students' favorite teacher
    3. Prevent learning loss in online classes

Worried about how to engage with learners and take their fear out for assessments? Book your seats with this self-paced course and gamify the entire experience.
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