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Bringing Experiential Learning to the Classroom: Planning, Designing, & Evaluating


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The course has been designed to equip educators of today with the necessary knowledge and skills required to be able to engage in experiential learning in the classroom.

When students participate in experiential education opportunities, they not only gain a better understanding of the theory but also of practical real-world applications.

They learn to work with a diverse set of classmates and therefore learn the much-needed job-skill of collaboration and teamwork.

Program Outcomes

  • What Will I Learn?
    1. Determine the significance of Metacognition & the Role role of the educator in developing the metacognition of children in the classroom 
    2. Relate to 4W+H (What, Who, Why, Where, Which, How) of experiential learning in relation to Kolb’s Learning Cycle 
    3. Design lessons for children in their classrooms that utilize the experiential learning concepts

  • How Will I use it?
    1. Create Lessons in the classroom that are based on the experiential learning pedagogy 
    2. Design Lessons which will allow students to be exposed to real-world applications of concepts 
    3. Make lessons engaging and empowering students with future skills of collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving

  • What Difference will it make in my life?
    1. Engage in pedagogy appropriate for Education 4.0 
    2. Build personal growth 
    3. Be able to engage more effectively with students in the class  

Join this extensive and engaging course to learn how to implement experiential learning in your classroom.
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