Bringing Creativity to Your Classroom


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Curiosity is second nature to any child, it provides children the purpose for their actions and innovative attitude. But as they grow older, there are constraints by our education system and somewhere they lose the spark of innovative thinking, which is essential to deal with the uncertainties of the future world. This course aims to re-discover and reinvigorate the process of creativity which will help in making our classrooms ready for exploration and experimentation.

Program Outcomes

  • What Will I Learn?

    1. Discovering the process of creativity.

    2. Sketch various tools and strategies to enhance creative thinking.

    3. Develop effective teaching plans integrating creative thinking.

  • How Will I use it?

    1. Identify the flow of creativity within and around you.

    2. Plan and execute creative lesson plans for your subject and classes.

    3. Develop a sustainability plan for a lifelong creative flow.

  • What Difference will it make in my life?

    1. Become aware of the creativity around.

    2. Curious, interested, and joyous students in classrooms.

    3. Making the education system more relevant and making students future-ready.

Join this course to make our classrooms ready for exploration and experimentation.
Critical Thinking
Creative Thinking
Original Thinking