Why you should have a Contemporary Library in your School?
By: Sindu Aven, COO | OrangeSlates.com
Children go through a certain routine in their classes every day. To take them out of monotony, you need to provide them with several options for a healthy distraction, such as access to the playground, art and craft room, music room, and library. Library is one of the few places that offer a platform for personal growth and relaxation. How good would it be to make it so interesting for the children that they start looking forward to it as a place to visit for fun as well? When you think of a... Read More
Franchise v/s Owned Preschools?
By: Pradeep Pillai, CEO | OrangeSlates.com
One of the most frequent question we're asked by people thinking of opening a preschool is – "Which is better? Taking a branded Franchisee of setting up my own school?" So, our answer is – "None! Neither of the options is better than the other. But, yes! One of them could be more suitable for you than the other." And the best way to find out which one is that ißs by asking yourself a series of questions that bring out the differences in both the models t... Read More
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