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Art Therapy helps us to feel good, important, and understood. For the well-being of oneself, we need to be highly self-aware and must know our self-worth too. Art Therapy helps you to rekindle about oneself like his or her strengths and weaknesses and put one's subconscious on paper through Art. Educators during these times have had a setback to their well-being which can be understood and repaired through Art.

Join this program to become self-aware and realize your self-worth.

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Program Outcomes

  • What Will I Learn?

    1) Learn to be Self Aware.

    2) Learn to identify one's worries and thoughts.

    3) Learn about Self Worth because if you won't feel good about yourself, it is hard to feel good about anything else.

  • How Will I use it?

    1) Enhance Social Emotional Well Being.

    2) Become mindful as an Educator and as a person too.

    3) Become Self Aware which in turn will help you to identify your emotions, strengths, and weaknesses in a realistic way.

  • What Difference will it make in my life?

    1) Reduce stressors and help to identify gaps in the thought process.

    2) See the struggles in a positive light.

    3) Enlighten self to develop a growth mindset and resilience towards daily struggles and learn how to deal with them.

Program over
Join this program to enhance self awareness through Art.
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