About Us

OrangeSlates is an online platform to upgrade educators with necessary knowledge & skills so they can excel in the ever evolving world of teaching and learning. It is a community of progressive educators who learn from each other's experiences.


To facilitate the developmental and professional needs of educators.


To build a global online community of educators where they can access trainings, certifications, coaching, resources, support forums & growth opportunities to build their careers by staying relevant and effective.


Since the beginning of 2020, the pandemic caught teachers and the school community at large by surprise. The question that came about was – Are the teachers & schools ready to deliver learning even when the physical infrastructures were not available? Though the technology to deliver online learning was always there, were the educators equipped to deliver the same quality of learning through digital medium? The response was a deafening ‘No!’. In a survey we conducted with over 250 school leaders & educators, teacher training on online teaching came as one of the biggest challenges for schools. Core skills of Application, Adaptation and Adoption which are otherwise life skills – are as much a need for the teacher community as any other. This is the problem that we have been successfully solving for teachers across the country with our fully-online Live Training Programs & Short Courses.

Since the onset of the pandemic and subsequent closure of schools, we have successfully trained over 15,000 Teachers across India in helping them continue to deliver quality learning through online classes. We run application oriented trainer-led Live Programs & Certificated Short Courses for educators that enable them to learn and apply key teaching strategies for both Online & Offline mode of teaching-learning.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals who have spent over 4 decades in the field of education both in terms of developing Learning Content as well as building excellent delivery teams for K-12 schools.

Our Approach

Our trainings are collaborative and rooted in the context of daily classrooms. They are designed creatively to challenge teachers to face the ever changing world of education.